General Terms Liesker Legal N.V.

  1. Liesker Legal N.V. ( ‘Liesker Legal?) is a public company incorporated under Dutch law. These general conditions apply to all agreements whereby Liesker Legal is a party. Agreements are entered into by Liesker Legal and not by the natural and legal persons which are associated with Liesker Legal. Articles 7: 404 and 7: 407 paragraph 2 of Dutch Civil Code (BW) shall not apply.
  1. Agreements with Liesker Legal lead to an obligation to make an effort, subject to a written agreement to perform an explicit act in an individual agreement.
  1. All prices, rates and tariffs of Liesker Legal are excluded VAT. Invoices of Liesker Legal have a payment term of 14 days. Payment of invoices from Liesker Legal must be made without a right of setoff and / or suspension. In case of late payment an interest of 1% per month shall be levied from the 15th day after the invoice date. All judicial and extrajudicial costs that will be incurred by Liesker Legal in the collection of outstanding amounts, shall be for the risk and account of the client. Extrajudicial costs are payable on the basis of a lump sum, representing 15% of the outstanding invoice(s).
  1. Objections to invoices must, under penalty of forfeiture of the right thereto, be made within 30 days after the invoice date in writing and motivated. Contesting an invoice does not suspend the payment obligation.
  1. With the exception of article 6, all liability of Liesker Legal is limited to an amount of ? 50.000, -.
  1. With respect to damages to persons or property, all liability of Liesker Legal is limited to the amount that is paid out in a specific event under the business liability insurance that Liesker Legal took out.
  1. All legal claims, including claims for damages against Liesker Legal expire after one year from the day when the damaged party is known, or reasonably could have known of both the damage, as well as Liesker Legal as the responsible party.
  1. All agreements concluded with Liesker Legal also include the authority for Liesker Legal to involve third parties for the execution of the agreement and to liability restrictions these third parties possibly make use of. Liesker Legal is not liable for third-party mistakes.
  1. All agreements concluded with Liesker Legal are subject to Dutch law. The District Court of Rotterdam has exclusive jurisdiction regarding all disputes resulting from agreements with Liesker Legal, notwithstanding parties rights to appeal and cassation.