What is an amicus.

A friend in court. A selfless counsel in litigation. The term “amici curiae” was used in ancient Rome for entities or persons who weren’t a party or lawyer in a litigation, but gave their opinion or advice completely free of (conflict of) interest in the litigation. Our Amici Curiae are highly experienced former lawyers, judges and general counsels. You can consult us on strategic legal matters. Liesker Legal is not a lawfirm; we have nothing invested in your decision to litigate or not. We are legal engineers. Some of the issues we’ve advised our clients on are:

“Our company is new in The Netherlands. Where do I go for certain legal issues?”

“I want a (second) opinion about this matter.”

“We are in challenging waters, how do I best handle different stakeholders?”

“I want to consult periodically about our legal exposure.”

“I seek a hotline for legal emergencies.”

“I’m looking for a strong seasoned negotiator.”

“I want to take an advisor with me to a meeting.”

“I’m looking for a legal compass for our Dutch branch”

“I’d like an independent advice about sound management of our legal expenses.”

How we differ from other legal advisors:

We sell you nothing but our advice. If we advise you to litigate, we will recommend an external lawyer (because we employ none) and we won't be paid for any referrals.
We make personal referrals based on our own extensive experience with litigation funding. Thus, we get you the best person for the job.