Why Liesker Legal.

Legal engineers at the highest level: we call our advisor an “amicus”. We?ve founded Liesker Legal from our conviction that we can overturn three much heard frustrations about legal services. So that you will have an amicus at your side. Our three promises to you:

A trusted advisor (or ?Amici Curiae? in Roman), someone who knows your company intimately and sees the bigger picture. Your own advisor who?ll provide you with solid legal advice, is a sparring-partner for your lawyer and gives second opinions. Independent from large international lawfirms, no pressure on billable hours. Dedicated to steer you and your legal interests in the right direction.

Not purely legal. We?re not here to create future case law, but to design solutions that work for you. This requires expertise that expands far beyond what legal codes tell us. Our amici have been lawyers for decades, are now 60+ and take pleasure (yes, you?ve read it correctly: PLEASURE) to work for a few clients as trusted advisor. We take care of all support systems and a heartfelt reception of both you and them. They work on your problem and will provide a solution you can move forward with.

3. The best lawyer on your case.

When court proceedings are necessary, we refer you to the best (wo)man for the job: literally! We refer from our rolodex filled with years of combined experience in every existing area of law. Not always the most expensive partner, not the associate working at the own lawfirm. We have no commercial interest in our referrals; we won?t be paid for it. Not by you and not by any lawyer. Our rolodex is our secret gold and not publicly available. We want our clients to have access to these lawyers when needed.

We look forward to meeting you in a personal introduction which will cost us both merely an investment in time.

You can reach our Managing Director directly at